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entrepreneursThe Rural Development Center is a developing Entrepreneurial Development System for southwest Iowa. It is a collaborative effort of ISU Extension and nonprofits working in the region.

Its mission is to increase the wealth of individual entrepreneurs who support their local economies which, in turn, sustains communities.

You can contact the staff at the Center if you are unable to find the appropriate services to meet your needs locally to start or expand your venture. Individual consultations to assess your service needs are free. Additionally, the Center offers group workshops, and market place opportunities to southwest Iowa entrepreneurs.

Local development leadership at the community level is welcome and encouraged to participate in the development of a regional support system, and may do so by contacting the office.

Buy Iowa BuyIowaOnline Buy Iowa Online is a marketplace opportunity available now to anyone creating product to sell. It is a fully automated e-commerce platform. It can be used in conjunction with other marketing sites and avenues. It eliminates the costly set-up and maintenance fees for some who may otherwise not be able to expand their markets through e-commerce. For everyone, it provides a collective presence branding Iowa-made products.

Buy Iowa Online has fulfillment center, collects and remits state sales tax, collects the shipping fees and ships so entrepreneurs can attend to other aspects of their businesses.

Buy Iowa Online accepts shelf-stable food products as well. And, while not its primary target, it can assist nonprofits that can post fundraising items that are Iowa-themed.

Please visit the site and support it by sharing the shopping and selling information to others.